hey! just letting you know Prometheus is sooo good. projects and music like yours inspire me to work on my own music and art :) gonna be downloading prometheus and listening more!



The website where me & ugotinternet had our “INTRODUCING INTAES” online exhibition They revamped their whole website and it is grade A. 

please check it out i love the new layout and everything 




hey this is good, go check it out
Anything anti-Oscob is a favorite thing in my book of favorite things.

no you’re not a nice person pls go
you’re very mean to people & I really don’t want negativity in my boycott or anywhere around me
plus, it’s all a joke but if this was real I wouldn’t have you on my team

download my album tho
uuummmm your picture is like identical to mine but yours is upside down and 1. thats crazy and 2. that's confusing me because i'm scrolling through my dash like "hey i didn't reblog that?! oh."

very sorry for fucking your mind deepest apologize
I will chance it if really need me to & my icon has a hint of purple :)

Holy shit man. Your music is amazin :D

Thank you very much (fuck oscob)

What is with all these nugget wieners and their boycott oscob mumbo-jumbo? getta load of these guys :V


dude it’s a joke

I love cyrus aka thisshitfunny aka intaesdrugs

download PROMETHEUS today

why do you have lung pain?

I have asthma & I had surgery on my spine.
My lung aren’t used to the new location my ribs are in right now.
I had spine surgery but my chest hurts more which bothers me so.


pink on pink 

the support for VHF is unreal

u dirty elbow bastard